The aim of the project is to increase the furnace throughput up to 160 t/h of hot-rolled coil, to upgrade the combustion system and the after-pot cooling tower equipment, complying with the latest safety requirements.

The upgrade of the combustion system will lead to the reduction of the polluting emissions (NOx), the reduction of the specific fuel consumption, < 24 Nm3/t. The improvement of the electric motors efficiency under different operating conditions will reduce electrical consumption of the after-pot cooling tower equipment < 9,3 kWh/t.
The revamping is based on three main technological modifications:

  • First, in the furnace all direct-flame burners and related flame-control and ignition systems will be replaced, and a new heat-exchange system to preheat combustion air will be installed. The direct-flame section combustion air fan and exhaust fan will be replaced.
  • Next, for the radiant-tubes section, the flame-control and ignitions systems will be replaced. A new pressure-control system will be installed for the waste-gas zones of this section, as well as a new exhauster fan.
  • Last, for the after-pot cooling tower all of the blowers and diffusers will be replaced, as well as the quenching and drying equipment.

The existing power center and drive panels will be replaced, and the L1 control will be updated to implement the new control loops.
This is a turnkey project with delivery scheduled for January 2021.

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