The Trans-Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) is among the biggest natural gas pipeline projects of our time. Some 2,000 km in length it runs through Turkey and links the planned Trans-Adria Pipeline (TAP), the South Caucasus Pipeline, and the Shah Deniz gas field in Azerbaijan.

Sharing in the construction of this impressive pipeline is ThyssenKrupp Mannex from the Materials Services Business Area. This Essen-based company is supplying for the megaproject some 300,000 t of hot-rolled wide strip coils through its Chinese partner Shougang's Caofeidian & Qian'an Steel Mill. Starting from 2019, some 16 billion cubic meters of natural gas will flow through the pipeline annually. The contract is worth about €172 million.

"We are happy after intense negotiations to have clinched the contract. The initial shipments have already been completed and the rest will continue until January 2016," explains Thomas Mahrdt, heading the project at ThyssenKrupp Mannex. Once in place, TANAP together with the neighboring pipelines will connect the Shah Deniz gas field in Azerbaijan with Brindisi in Italy, a stretch of nigh 3,600 km.

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