Liberty Magona, is benefitting from the installation of a Danieli Automation Q-CMC2 “Coating mass control” installed and commissioned in the existing galvanizing line #4 of its plant in Piombino, Italy.

The project has been executed and completed in only four months from the coming into force of the contract with commissioning and on-site fine tuning performed in one month, allowing Liberty Magona to enjoy savings in a short time.

In addition to OpEx optimization, the improvement of strip quality due to better levelled coating over the coil length executed by the automatic control, was also recorded.

The Danieli Automation Q-CMC2 technological package is a software performed by HiPAC controller, the powerful Danieli Automation platform which allows easy integration and interface with existing third-party systems.

Thanks to this new installation, Liberty Magona and Danieli Automation consolidate their partnership renewing the reference list of successful projects executed in Piombino during last year.

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