• Heat size of 295 metric tons makes VOD plant largest in the world
  • VOD treatments allows production of special steels with very low carbon content
  • First production of some special stainless steel grades in Turkey
  • Broadens product range and opens up additional markets for Çolakoğlu

In December 2020, the VOD (Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization) plant, upgraded from an existing VD (Vacuum Degassing) plant by Primetals Technologies at the Dilovası meltshop of Turkish steel producer Çolakoğlu Metalurji A.S. (Çolakoğlu) received the Final Acceptance Certificate. With a heat size of 295 metric tons, the VOD is the largest worldwide. The aim of the modernization project was to enable the production of special steels, like IF grades, ULC grades or stainless steels. This helps Çolakoğlu to broaden its product range and enter additional markets. Immediately after start-up, for the first time in Turkey, stainless steel grades 304 and 304L were produced with the aid of the new VOD plant.

For the VOD plant for Çolakoğlu, Primetals Technologies was responsible for the engineering and supplied all the core components. These included, for example, valve stands, the oxygen blowing lance system as well as filters and a filter cleaning system installed before vacuum pumps. The scope also encompassed the modernization of the existing automation system. The level 2 system including process models was modernized in order to operate the VOD plant. Additionally, all required instrumentation of the equipment was supplied by Primetals Technologies.

Çolakoğlu operates an electric steel plant in Dilovası, in the west of Turkey. The main products of the plant are slabs for further processing in a hot rolling mill, and billets for producing reinforcing steel bars and steel rock bolt. The Çolakoğlu steel making plant, one of the largest in the world, was supplied by Primetals Technologies and is in operation for several years. This latest modernization project marks another step in the successful business partnership of Çolakoğlu and Primetals Technologies.

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