The good service provided for slab caster #3 over the years convinced the Chinese steelmaker to entrust all its casters to Danieli Service.

Rizhao Steel Yingkou Medium Plate – the largest producer of high-quality medium and heavy plates in China– gave Danieli Service the responsibility of slab caster realignment for all its four slab casters in Yingkou, Liaoning province, where approx. 8 Mtpy of quality slabs are produced.

Since 2014, Danieli Service has provided caster accuracy recovery by segment supporting structure (banana) realignment performed on a yearly basis, guaranteeing stable production, low failure rate and maintenance cost, also standardizing the maintenance process of slab caster #3.

Precise caster alignment also brings improvements on product quality. A remarkable example is the recent realignment project executed in March 2021, where the scrap steel was reduced by approx. 500 tons per month, and product grinding ratio reduced by approx. 10%.

The quality of calibration along with the respect of project schedule led Rizhao Steel Yingkou Medium Plate to entrust Danieli with the alignment services for its other three slab casters, to be conducted sequentially.

Correct and periodical realignment ensure that slab casters operate in quality and productivity, avoiding major problems associated with cracks and other slab defects.

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