For nearly 300 years, the US Embassy in London has been synonymous with its home in Grosvenor Square, Mayfair.

But times are changing. With a growing need for modern, secure and sustainable facilities, the embassy is turning its attention to the South Bank – the site of its new landmark office, which has ArcelorMittal steel at its heart.

ArcelorMittal is proud to reveal its steel forms the new embassy’s backbone, with ArcelorMittal Construction Solutions having provided 3,000 tonnes of reinforcing steel.

Slowly but surely, the 12-storey glass cube, set in a man-made lake and parkland, is springing to life in London’s Nine Elms – a former industrial district undergoing huge redevelopment – with work having begun back in August, 2013.

Artist impressions give a good indication of why the building has attracted so much interest. It’s clear that this feat of steel and glass is set to become an iconic addition to the Thames’ South Bank.

Specialist foundation contractor Bauer Technologies Limited chose ArcelorMittal to fabricate and supply the steel reinforcement cages needed to build more than 700 individual piled foundations, which are up to 60m deep.

ArcelorMittal provided 3,000 tonnes of premium-quality reinforcing steel, as well as tubes and fittings – all benefiting from total traceability and certified sustainability credentials.

Established in 2011, ArcelorMittal Construction Solutions is a specialist engineering division of ArcelorMittal Kent Wire, based in Chatham in Kent, UK, which offers a range of technical and factory prefabricated steel reinforcement products and services to the UK’s reinforced concrete sector.

The US embassy is scheduled for completion in 2017.

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