• Final acceptance certificates (FACs) for three new process optimization systems
  • New Level 2 automation systems operating based on subscription licences
  • Successful fully remote commissioning during a standstill lasting just 16 hours

Recently, the first three subscription-based process optimization systems (Level 2) for continuous casters supplied by Primetals Technologies received final acceptance certificates (FAC). One of the systems is used in Germany, the other two in the U.S.A. This innovation makes it possible for steel producers to use an OPEX-based license model when installing a new automation system, instead of having to plan for capital expenditure (CAPEX) investments.

Lightening the workload

Steel producers using the subscription license concept developed by Primetals Technologies will receive new releases, upgrades, and updates on a regular basis. The service package included in the annual licence fee also includes remote support for troubleshooting, advice, training, fine-tuning, and optimization. This means that the process optimization system is continuously updated in small steps, thus lightening the workload for automation experts, as they are no longer required to adapt to sudden, extensive changes to their systems.

Modernization of process optimization

The most recent installation of these Level 2 systems took place at two continuous casters in an integrated steel mill located in the U.S.A. The company will receive new software releases on a regular basis, and continuous support. Functions and models can be added or deselected on an annual basis. The implementation took place fully remotely during a 16-hour planned plant shutdown. The first casting sequence covered 16 batches and met all quality criteria right away. While allowing state-of-the-art production of high-quality steel grades on both continuous casters, the new metallurgical models also increase flexibility in operation and simplify maintenance and service.

Efficient remote commissioning

Thanks to experience gained by both Primetals Technologies and the customer under an existing service contract the project concluded with hardly any in-person meetings having taken place. This experience and the mutual trust built up in the process were decisive factors for the successful and trouble-free remote implementation of CC1 and CC2.

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