Latest advancements in Fonon's technology overcome cutting limitations intrinsic to reflective metals

​Fonon Corporation (OTC: FNON) today unveiled a series of recent advancements to its latest generation of laser equipment specifically designed for industrial applications that were previously underserved by the most common laser cutting technology.

The most widely-used conventional laser cutting machines incorporate C02 lasers, and have proven less effective when used to process certain metals and reflective materials. Due to their highly-reflective nature, a large number of metals and materials cannot be efficiently cut with conventional CO2 lasers, including aluminum, copper, and brass. When processed by a C02 laser, these metals reflect a majority of the laser power, causing equipment damage due to back reflections. These metals are either impossible to cut with a C02 laser, or produce extremely low-quality results.

Industries which use these metals, including manufacturers of construction equipment, aluminum vehicles, kitchenware, copper and brass gaskets, food processing equipment of any kind, and materials used in the aerospace and defense industries can now avail of advanced laser cutting capabilities.

Fonon's latest laser cutting technology benefits from the company's unique understanding of material behavior at transition temperatures—the point when the material changes properties such as reflectivity and absorption as it transitions from a solid to a liquid state. Fonon's cutting machines incorporate advanced lasers which are specially configured for metal cutting, with variable laser beam output parameters; as a result, Fonon products are ideal for cutting a broad variety of metals and metals with changing thicknesses.

When compared to a C02 laser of equal wattage, Fonon laser cutting technology is three times faster when cutting stainless, mild, or galvanized steel. Power consumption by Fonon laser equipment is less than one quarter the consumption of a comparable C02 cutting system, and Fonon equipment has a much longer lifetime. Additionally, the Fonon laser is maintenance-free and requires no consumables.

"More than ever, manufacturers need to find ways to improve quality, speed, and their financial bottom line, and there is a dramatic increase in demand for laser cutting machines that can efficiently work with reflective metals," said Dmitriy Nikitin, CTO and interim CEO of Fonon Corporation. "We are tremendously pleased to offer the most advanced laser cutting technology to a larger section of manufacturers than ever before, and we are grateful for the opportunity to support the rapid growth of these industries."

Fonon's advanced laser cutting technology is currently incorporated into the new models of the Titan FX line of large, flat-bed laser cutting machines, and is scheduled to be included as optional equipment in all cutting, marking, and engraving products available under the Laser Photonics brand during Q2 2016.

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