The dual-certified Strenx 700 OME meets the standard requirements of ABS AB EQ70 / DNV-GL NVE 690 / LR EH69. In addition to the class approvals, SSAB has taken the workshop properties to a new level for this category of steels by also certifying the steel according to Strenx guarantees.

  • Strenx 700 OME / ABS AB EQ70
  • Strenx 700 OME / DNV-GL NVE 690
  • Strenx 700 OME / LR EH 69

Strenx guarantees represents SSAB’s ambition of enhancing our promise of workshop properties by offering exceptionally strict tolerances with regard to thickness tolerance, flatness tolerance and formability. The consistency in mechanical properties throughout the plate and from batch to batch is also something that characterizes Strenx performance steels. The improved tolerances and consistency also enable Strenx 700 OME to be used in cold formed profiles providing excellent production efficiency.

Strenx 700 OME guarantees the mechanical properties in the Z direction and can be ordered in compliance with the requirements of Z15, Z25, or Z35. Strenx 700 OME is an exceptionally clean steel that is guaranteed to meet the EN 10160 E1S1standard regarding impurities and porosity with the option to meet higher requirements in extra critical applications. The cleanness in combination with lean composition makes Strenx 700 OME easy to weld with retained properties.

By using Strenx 700 OME in offshore and marine structures there is a potential to save 30% on weight in comparison with a standard EH36 or S355 plate. Reducing the thickness can also save 50% in welding costs and in many cases will also reduce handling and installation costs.

The following applications are just some examples of how companies benefit from using Strenx 700 OME:

  • Gear racks and chords and pylons for jack-up legs and lift boats
  • Marine and offshore cranes and lifting devices
  • Pipe and cable-laying equipment
  • Ice breaking zones in hulls of service ships and ice breakers
  • Protection plates for subsea equipment
  • Green energy power plants as wave and tidal generators

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