The project answers the request for increasing spooled bar-in-coil production

Alfa Acciai rolling mill#TB2 in Brescia produces straight bars and spooled-bar-in-coil.
Presently 130-mm square billets are welded by a Danieli K-weld machine to efficiently feed the two rolling lines, one for straight bars and one for spooler coils.

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SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH CEO Clemens Iller: "The second quarter of 2020 fell firmly in the grip of the COVID-19 crisis, resulting in a dramatic slump in sales and consolidated earnings. The biggest impact came from the extensive shutdowns of major European automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. From April, a negative trend materialized in the mechanical and plant engineering industry.

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Oryx Stainless (Thailand) Co., Ltd., under the umbrella of Oryx Stainless Holding B.V., has successfully finalised a 660 million Thai Baht revolving Borrowing Base credit facility to support the growth strategy of Oryx Stainless Group in Asia. The facility is structured as a secured Borrowing Base and is amongst the very first solutions of its innovative and flexible kind in the Thai banking market.

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Higher reliability, reduction of maintenance costs and increased productivity are the main benefits highlighted by Liberty Ostrava following the replacement of two crop shears with new Danieli units.

Installed in a two-strand wirerod mill producing 5.5-14 mm-dia wirerod, originally provided by a competitor, the new crop shears efficiently cut head and tail ends of the bar before the final rolling, helping to eliminate defects.

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Nanjing Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. (NISCO) has commissioned the upgraded four-strand bloom caster at its Nanjing plant No.2 together with SMS Concast, a company of SMS group ( The modernized caster, designed for an annual production of 800,000 tons of blooms, has successfully achieved the targets of the project, namely improvement of the product quality and more flexibility of production thanks to a wide portfolio of steel grades.

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A new spooler line for the production of rebars and rounds in coils weighing up to 5-tons has just been started up at the Nucor Steel Sedalia minimill, Missouri, USA.
High efficiency and highest material yield during downstream processing due to ECR endless casting rolling process allows the lowest production costs.

High mechanical characteristics and good weldability of the finished product, plus optimized coil handling, complete the benefits of the new line, which will be managed by Danieli Automation Q-VID system and deliver twist-free compact and regularly shaped coils at up to 30 m/s.

The spooler line consists of a 4-pass Delta-type fast finishing block (which will extend the Nucor Steel Sedalia product range to rebar #3); five water-boxes for heat treatment; cropping and high-speed shears; two 5-ton horizontal spooler machines; and a coil handling, strapping and collecting area.

The equipment was strategically installed in parallel with the start-up of the MIDA ECR minimills in order to minimize plant downtime needed for its commissioning.

This is the third spooler line installed and started-up downstream of a Danieli MI.DA® Micromill, and first in operation at Nucor Corporation, allowing the expansion of its current production range. A second spooler line for Nucor Group is currently under erection at Nucor Steel Florida and is planned to be commissioned by the end of this year. By that time the Danieli spooler lines installed in North America will be five.

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