The extremely fast start-up continues at Deacero Ramos rolling mill in Arizpe, Mexico. After only a couple of weeks from the start of commissioning, the mill successfully produced rebar #3 (9.5 mm) with 5-strand slitting technology at 13 m/sec.

Rebar #3 is produced in five strands, rebar #4 in four strands, rebar #5 and #6 in two strands, and up to rebar #16 in a single strand at a maximum productivity of 120 tons/hour.

The guide system is a key factor to obtain optimal mill performance, ensuring a precise guiding of the stock, maintaining a reliable process and guaranteeing the balance of the different strands. In particular:

  • Static guides with replaceable wear parts are used both on the entry and exit sides of flat passes.
  • After that, the material is guided into the edging pass with a standard SR-type two-roller entry guide. On the exit side a CTR-type twisting guide is installed.

Smooth rounds and squares from 1/2” to 2”, and merchant bars, including angles, channels, flats from 1” to 3”, and T-profiles are also produced by the mill.

All processes are controlled by Danieli Automation fully integrated L1 and L2 automation systems.

Here following the excellent results achieved thanks to a perfect teamwork between Deacero and Danieli operational teams:

  • Increased productivity (+46% changing from 3 to 5 strand slitting process at 13 m/s)
  • Transformation cost reduction (over 10% lower gas consumption and 30% lower electrical consumption per ton, changing from 3 to 5 strands with 8 mm slitting)

Payback period when installing this technology is 4-9 months.

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