Swedish bucket manufacturer Lennéers uses Hardox wear plate from SSAB in all its products. Hardox abrasion-resistant steel enables Lennéers to deliver top-quality construction and agricultural equipment that is strong, light, and long lasting.

Founded in 2015, Lennéers is a Swedish producer of construction equipment and, more specifically, buckets, for use in construction projects. While Hardox wear plate from SSAB is used in all Lennéers’ buckets, some 80 percent of its products also carry the Hardox In My Body certification.

When a product is branded with Hardox In My Body, this certifies that it is made from Hardox wear plate and will therefore deliver unsurpassed wear resistance and impact strength, saving time and money down the road. Lennéers manufactures a total of 31 different Hardox In My Body-branded excavator, VA, sorting, cable and planning buckets.

“Our customers demand equipment that will stand the test of time,” says Lennéers’ founder and managing director, Dennis Lennéer. “They also want it to weigh less to optimize fuel efficiency.”

When products are exposed to tough conditions in the field, it is crucial that they are made from the best material. Lennéer believes Hardox wear plate from SSAB makes sense for customers from the point of view of both quality and cost.

“A cheap product often doesn’t end up being cheaper down the line,” he says. “With this material we can guarantee that our products will last longer than competitor products that aren’t made from Hardox.”

Habib Asgari has been working as a welder at Lennéers for about a year. He is responsible for welding and assembling the buckets.

“Hardox is different to other materials because it’s so easy to weld. From a production perspective it’s a good material to work with,” he says.

So far, the market has been positive to Lennéers’ products and business is good. Dennis Lennéer says the main success factors are his company’s ability to listen to customers and respond to their demands, along with the strength of the Hardox brand.

“The customers didn’t choose us at first. It wasn’t until we implemented Hardox that business started booming. I would go so far and say that the sales have increased with 200-300 percent,” he admits.

“Working with SSAB is a no-brainer,” he continues. “Partly because it’s what our customers want but also due to the product development support we receive from SSAB. This helps us select the right material and design the best possible products for the future.”

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