TRIP-Aided High-Strength Ferrous Alloys

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TRIP-Aided High-Strength Ferrous Alloys is not only a proceedings on the conference held in Ghent last June, but a book of major interest for everybody who is or wants to become an expert in TRIP steels. Specialists from all over the world combined their profound know-how on all steel grades showing the TRIP effect. Read this book and learn the state-of-the-art as regards. - Fundamental materials science of the TRIP phenomenon: austenite stability, transformation mechanism, development of a formable high-strength TRIP steel with martensitic matrix, micro-structure and texture of TWIP steels, TWIP effect in austenitic steel, effect of Mn, influence of TRIP/TWIP effect on impact strength, determination of residual austenite, ferrite, carbon, microscopic investigation. - TRIP-Aided Ferrous Alloys: mechanical properties of high-strength TRIP steels, hot rolled TRIP products, cold rolled TRIP sheets, precipitation mechanism, evaluation of microstructure, metallurgy of continuous annealed steel sheet, role of Si, Al, P, Cu in low alloed TRIP grades, thermodynamic description, relationship between hot roll-ing conditions and tensile properties multiple phase steels showing TRIP effect, influence of alloying elements on the relationship between microstructure and properties od thermomechanically treated TRIP steels, cold rolled TRIP steels containing Cu, Ni and Cr. - Physical Properties: theory, experiments and modelling to describe and optimize tensile properties, fatigue behaviour and formability, application to crash-relevant components. - Automotive Application: transformation behaviour, microstructural evaluation and mechanical properties, influence of strain rate on TRIP effect, influence of Al, Mn, Si on, manufacture develop-ment, properties and application of TRIP-steel in sheet metal forming, improvement of weldability of TRIP steels, relation between surface treatment and mechanical properties.


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