Michael Degner & Heinz Palkowski: Fit for hot and cold rolling of strips - Basics and Exercises (2016), Publisher: IMP InterMediaPartners GmbH, Wuppertal, ISBN: 978-3-9817904-1-2

The book „Basics“ contains a structured description of the main topics in hot and cold rolling of metallic strips. In the style of an overviewing lesson script the basic equations of plastic material behavior, the phenomena in the roll gap, material spreading behavior, models for describing flow curves, elementary rolling equations according to Siebel and von Karman are given. Further analytic/empirical formula for calculation of rolling forces and torques as well as the heat balance equation for calculation temperature courses in hot and cold rolling are listed.

Based on easy comprehensible derivations and many calculation examples a basic knowledge regarding to this important technology field is provided. Carefully selected topics combined with calculation examples near to practice reflect the experience of the authors in this field on nearly 140 pages.

Exactly tuned to the part “Basics” in the second book “Exercises” many examples near to practice are calculated. Realistic, practical questionnaires on the daily life of a (fe)male engineer in the rolling mill are discussed. The further penetration by many calculation examples gives a better understanding of the rolling theory and some practical questions for the reader. In contrast to other educational books on this field the facts and figures in this book convince by realistic plant operation data and give a deeper insight in the world of a rolling mill engineer. Nowadays Finite Element Calculations are significant for solving questions in rolling techniques. Despite this fact it is great importance to get a quick overview of typical questions by analytical equations as well as graphics and nomograms. Due to this topic both books convince as a unit. The books are very recommendable for students at Technical Universities and for engineers in rolling mills.

(Review: Bruno Buchmayr, MUL)

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