INDUGA successfully commissioned in May / June two low-pressure die casting machines type 2121 at subsidiaries of the company TOTO headquartered in Japan. The commissioning process took only a few days and both LPDC were easily transferred into the production process.

The revised series of INDUGA low-pressure die casting machine 2121 is characterized by numerous innovations. Here are substantially the change to a new control system and the use of servo motors for the drives of manipulators.

Another important feature of this type is the use of two independent drives for each manipulator. This ensures that the cycle time is optimized as several functions in the production process are carried out simultaneously. Should one of the two manipulators is in the service position, e.g. for tool changing or die cleaning, the other manipulator can continue the production process.

The transition to a modern Siemens control S7 TIA ensures a very high ease of use with the possibility of customized adjustments. By the use of servomotors, a higher positioning accuracy of manipulators, for example on the furnace, is reached. In addition, both systems are equipped with numerous options and monitoring devices in order to simplify the operation of the system significantly and to achieve a high degree of automation. Examples of the options are the automatic die temperature control and the continuous coating bath cleaning.

The machines that are used for the production of high-quality sanitary faucets made of brass were both manufactured at the same time and fully tested in the assembly hall of INDUGA before delivery.

The subsidiary TOTO Dalian in China expanded with the purchase of the new low-pressure die casting machine type 2121 the production of high-quality sanitary fittings and continue to enlarge the existing production based on the first INDUGA machine type 1011 from 2012.

The subsidiary P. T. Surya TOTO, in Jakarta, Indonesia, produces besides sanitary ware and faucets as well kitchen products and other related products. Also P. T. Surya TOTO expands by buying the new INDUGA low pressure die casting machine type 2121 the production of brass fittings and further enlarge the production on the basis of four existing INDUGA LPDC systems.

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