The 3rd International Conference on Science and Technology of Ironmaking and Steelmaking (STIS-2017) is planned to be held at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (INDIA) from December 11th to 13th, 2017. STIS series of conferences, held once in four years, is an Indian initiative, the major objective of which is to create and sustain interest in iron and steelmaking.

Iron and steel production in India, has been growing steadily and is expected to touch 300 MTPA mark by 2025. Research and development as well as steel education are therefore national priorities. The success of previous STIS conferences generates hope that STIS-2017, held in a vibrant academic environment, shall provide a unique platform to academicians and researchers from around the world to present, discuss and deliberate issues related primarily with education, research and production of iron and steel. With participation of world renowned academicians and experts from the industry, STIS-2017 is likely to be an excellent knowledge sharing platform helping students, engineers and researchers remain up-to-date with various current issues challenging the steel industry.

Conference Themes

STIS-2017 aims to provide a forum for sharing state of the art knowledge relevant to the sciences and technology of ironmaking and steelmaking. The conference program will include technical paper presentations including a plenary session steered by globally acknowledged experts. A special session, with significant student participation is also planned on steel education and research.

Beneficiation to continuous casting relevant to iron and steelmaking is included in the scope of the conference. Broad areas on which STIS -2017 shall deliberate, include

  • Fundamentals of iron and steelmaking
  • Raw materials and beneficiation
  • Agglomeration
  • Coking and auxiliary systems
  • Blast furnace ironmaking
  • Alternative iron making & pre-treatment
  • BOF and EAF steelmaking
  • Ladle and tundish metallurgy
  • Ingot and continuous casting
  • Modeling in iron and steelmaking
  • Clean steel technology
  • Emerging and sustainable iron & steelmaking
  • Refractories in iron and steelmaking
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