A global sustainability initiative from SSAB is helping customers reap the environmental rewards of using high-strength steel. SSAB EcoUpgraded is highlighting the benefits of upgrading to high-strength steel, which include reduced weight, improved fuel economy and extended product lifetime.

During its use phase, an SSAB EcoUpgraded product will generate CO2 savings (carbon dioxide) that exceed the CO2 emitted during production of the upgraded part, thereby showcasing the environmental benefits of high-strength steel.

“By upgrading to steel from SSAB, during the use of the product manufacturers will quickly be able to compensate for the CO2 emissions from the steel production process. And once the break-even point has been reached, the application will continue to deliver CO2 savings far in excess of the original CO2 debt,” says Thomas Hörnfeldt, SSAB’s Vice President Sustainability and Public Affairs.

Manufacturing a product using SSAB high-strength steel ensures important characteristics such as reduced weight, improved fuel economy and/or extended lifetime – all of which are key contributors to reducing the carbon footprint of the product. The SSAB EcoUpgraded initiative will provide proof points relating to reduced CO2 emissions that will enable OEMs – and their customers– to benefit from improved environmental performance.

SSAB EcoUpgraded is part of SSAB´s unique customer offer and solutions. The environmental benefits provide SSAB´s customers with an additional competitive edge and can open new markets and opportunities for them.

“We want to help our customers not only in staying ahead of new legislation and environmental demands, but also to convert this into a business opportunity. By upgrading their products with more advanced steels that provide tangible benefits, they can also promote their own marketing efforts and long-term profitability,” Thomas Hörnfeldt concludes.

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