For the Heat Treatment- and Hardening industry clean quenching oil without moisture is essential for an effective process. The value of clean oil is often underestimated.

When ordering new furnace lines the filter systems are the first items eliminated from the scope of supply to reduce the initial investment. After installing the furnace a lot of times the subsequent installation of  filtering systems is forgotten.

But without filtering a lot of  carbon residue, stop-off coatings or scale has a negative influence on the work pieces and, of course, the life of the oil itself.

High moisture levels also influence the heat treatment results and extend the needed time for the quenching process.

AVION Europa Gmbh & Co. KG now offers the SmartFilter, an integrated system from SBS Corporation (Florida) for the European market which is easy to install in existing furnace lines. It easily doubles the life of the quenching oil. A saving very often underestimated. The filter works with filter bags that are inexpensive and easy to handle. With four different filter sizes, systems with up to 37.800 liters can be cleaned continuously.

The AQUA SENSE moisture detection system is an integrated safety feature as part of the filtering device. It monitors the content of moisture and alarms before the saturation point is reached and moisture can turn into water. A fire hazard in all oil quenching processes.

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