ACHEMA visitors will observe the function of the system using both steel and plastic drums in a simulated circuit. An automatic labeler perfectly rounds out the simulation. A video will also demonstrate in an entertaining way how the process connection with SAP works.

Clean, intelligent and efficient – the latest palletizing technology from NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING

The experts from NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING, the technology brand for palletizing innovation from HAVER & BOECKER, will also be present at the stand at ACHEMA and will inform visitors about the latest palletizing technology. Here both the TERRAM and ARCUS palletizers will be in the spotlight. The TERRAM reaches a speed of up to 1000 bags/hr, and the ARCUS has speeds of 1000 to 5000 bags/hr. They can be used for a variety of loose materials such as powder, micro-granulate, granulate and blended products. They palletize paper bags, PP valve bags, pre-made open bags and Form-Fill-Seal bags made of PE with a filled weight of 5 to 50 kg.

The TERRAM is characterized by its modular design, compact size and low need for space. The ARCUS also stands out with its high speeds, intelligent design and its especially high reliability. Both palletizers operate efficiently and cost effectively.

Process optimization using the management systems from HAVER AUTOMATION leads to higher production system capacity utilization, transparency and flexibility

HAVER Automation, the specialist for software solutions, develops customized management systems for plant control for mixing, filling, shipping, stocking and stock picking. With the HAVER AUTOMATION CEDISS process program toUnder the “Perfect Flow“ motto, HAVER & BOECKER, together with Feige FILLING and NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING, will be exhibiting perfectly matched up processes that form a complete value adding system in Hall 3, Stand F38, at ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt on June 11 - 15. These will shape the future of the market. One highlight is the new generation INTEGRA® ADAMS® edition – the stationary and completely enclosed packing system for filling powder-type chemical products into PE bags. The technology brand FEIGE Filling will be exhibiting a Model 84 automatic drum filling unit with new technical features. The highly efficient system for the fully automatic and calibrated filling of drums is now outfitted with an SAP connection and electronic torque checking. With HAVER Automation, HAVER & BOECKER is presenting management solutions for optimizing production processes, and with the continuous and fully QUATTRO System Monitoring, a system for further process optimization. The experts at NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING will inform visitors about the latest developments for palletizing technology coming from HAVER & BOECKER.

With the continuous, fully automatic QUATTRO system monitoring, HAVER & BOECKER is making a significant contribution to greater process optimization. Using recorded performance data, the entire packing process can be monitored while on the go at any time, planned and adjusted. As a result, because of perfectly interacting components and optimum capacity utilization, processes are efficiently set and maintenance intervals can be exactly planned over the long term. The QUATTRO system monitoring provides exact documentation from the entire process and enables comprehensive plant-wide operational analysis of all performance data. be presented at ACHEMA, HAVER AUTOMATION optimizes complete production and logistical processes. Here production data are evaluated and characteristic values computed. The result: plant efficiency is increased. Moreover HAVER AUTOMATION supplies the engineering, process control systems, energy distribution, switch and control cabinets, and the electrical installation for production systems. This minimizes interfaces and responsibilities, and thus allows smoother project management.

With HAVER Automation system solutions, production gets integrated with the administrative levels. Work effort gets reduced thanks to the fully automatic data management, which leads to higher production system capacity utilization, transparency and flexibility.

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