On 24th April 2018 Jiansu Yongjin Metal Technology Co. LTD. based in Nantong China, has awarded UNGERER Technology GmbH a contract to supply one set of high efficiency Stretch Bend Levelling line for processing precision stainless steel.

Jiangsu Yongjin Metal Technology co., LTD. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Yongjin Metal Technology Co., LTD., located in Nantong City, Jiangsu province in China. The company is mainly producing AISI 200, 300 and 400 series of precision stainless steel plates with a maximum width of 1280 mm, a thickness range of 0.1mm-1.5 mm, and is currently forecasting to increase its annual processing to a capacity of 1,250,000 tons.

The whole contracted equipment will be fully pre-assembled and tested inside the UNGERER's workshop in Pforzheim, Germany, before shipping to the customer's plant. All the automation and power components, sub-assemblies and cables will be routed and wired in one comprehensive container-cabinet. Thus, the full setting-up onsite and the commissioning time which will take place in September 2019 won't needs no more than one month all together.

UNGERER's whole equipment exclusive design will make the yield of the finished product highly improved. Thus, the ROI and the economic income from this new stretch bend levelling line are expected to become a great benefit for Jiangsu Yongjin Metal Technology co., LTD.

With more than 120-years of history behind them, UNGERER Technology GmbH, member of the REDEX Group, is a metal strip finishing expert, offering both the largest knowhows and the deepest experience of metal strip finishing equipment, as well as the access to the most modern technologies.

The innovative automatic strip feeding system, the Unflatness Measuring System Proactive (UMS-Pro), and the latest high-grade of Siemens automation control systems, are some of the ground-breaking technologies portfolio offered by UNGERER and the REDEX Group.

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