The standards for the quality of orbital welding seams are extremely high. In order to ensure they are met, a welding head orbits the round work piece on a circular path. This arc welding technology meets the required standards. The arc and welding seam are protected against external influences by inert shielding gases in this process, guaranteeing a reduced failure rate for the process along with very good reproducibility of welding processes, thereby considerably improving the product quality. Aside from the alloy composition, the electrode geometry is also important here since it has a significant influence on the welding result. The Gesellschaft für Wolfram Industrie mbH took this into account in the development of its two new ORBISTAR electrodes for orbital, tube and circular welding, designed in close cooperation with users. They set themselves apart with especially good surface quality, accurate point grinding and a precise longitudinal section.

The Gesellschaft für Wolfram Industrie mbH has been active in the fields of pure, thoriated, cerium and zirconium doped W-electrodes as well as lanthanum and special electrodes for more than 100 years, incorporating this experience into the new electrodes. Thanks to the use of rare earths, the ORBISTAR WS2 WITSTAR guarantees great durability for all tube welding applications. As an alternative, Wolfram offers the ORBISTAR WLa 20 for working with frequent ignition sequences. It is ideal for the low-current range and for solutions with thin-walled tubes. Process-specific alloys and dimensions according to individual specifications are also possible – even angled electrodes up to a diameter of 3.2 mm for interior welds in tubes. ORBISTAR is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and makes consistently high quality possible. Shorter production times make the electrode an effective solution for all orbital welding tasks.

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