After successful modernization of the 40-year-old aluminum cold rolling mill at the Slovenska Bistrica facility, the Slovenian aluminum producer Impol Group Slovenia has awarded the final acceptance to SMS group. The previously performed acceptance tests had proven that the rolled products are now fulfilling even stricter quality criteria.

With this upgrade, Impol Group Slovenia has invested in the future viability of the facility and has brought about significant improvements of the cold rolling mill's capability. The strip width and thickness range was enlarged and the maximum coil weight increased. By new setting and control systems, strip quality was improved, particularly regarding the achievement of closer thickness and flatness tolerances. A new strip blow-off system minimizes oil residues and provides a homogeneous strip surface.

The comprehensive upgrade and extension measures comprised technological control systems and measurement instrumentation, entry and exit side equipment of the rolling mill, coil logistics, media plants as well as accompanying modifications of the foundations.

SMS group managed to integrate the new components and units in the limited space available of the existing mill.

Thanks to these measures, Impol Group Slovenia is operating an allaround renewed aluminum cold rolling mill that fulfills current market requirements and is well prepared to meet future challenges.

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