The international steel maker, Posco, is one of the world's largest steel producers. To ensure consistently high levels of steel production, the company has invested in modernizing the blowers on its blast furnaces at its main plant in Pohang using Siemens drive technology. Thanks to the new blowers Posco benefits from exceptionally high availability and efficiency, short start-up times, and low maintenance costs.

The optimization measures on the blowers include the installation of three Simotics HV high-voltage motors with an output of 49 megawatts each. They are part of the largest motors of their type installed in South Korea. The drive also includes four Sinamics GL150 medium-voltage frequency convertors.

The new drive system for the blower provides Posco with the benefit of an exceptionally high availability of 99 percent as well as reliable and efficient blast furnace blowers which improves the overall production. The blowers have a very short start-up time, are easy to use, and have lower maintenance costs. Close proximity to the customer and innovative Siemens technology were decisive factors in winning the contract. "Siemens is a reliable partner for us and is quickly on site whenever we need them," says Jeong Han Lee, Maintenance Team Manager at Posco.

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