For the last 18 months the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) has been working on the development of a revised PM Roadmap called 'Vision 2025'. The purpose of the Vision 2025 booklet is to be a tool to aid in the promotion of the PM industry to government, third parties and end users. It is also envisaged that the information contained in the booklet will provide some useful insight into key trends and development areas for the different sectors of the European powder metal industry.

“The EPMA owes a big thank you to the members of the Steering Committee, which consisted of a number of well-known industry figures, who have worked on the EPMA’s behalf to collate information from across the EPMA Members spectrum to turn this extensive project into a reality. Now the work is complete, I am proud to be able to circulate the new PM Roadmap, Vision 2025.” Explained Jonathan Wroe, EPMA’s Executive Director. He went onto add “The Vision 2025 brochure covers many aspects, which will be very useful to third parties, such as government and funding agencies, as the content provides market overviews for the 5 key sectors that currently help to make up the entire PM industry, Additive Manufacturing, Hardmetals and Diamond Tools, Hot Isostatic Pressing, Metal Injection Moulding and Structural PM Components.”

Real-life case studies covering each sector are also present in the document, allowing readers to understand the benefits and advantages that PM can unlock for their existing and future applications.

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