On 25 November 2019, Dung Quat Blast Furnace #2 was successfully blown-in by Hoa Phat Steel, Vietnam. This is the second of four greenfield Danieli Corus Blast Furnaces that are being built under a single contract signed in Summer of 2017. Blast Furnace #1 was blown-in on 29 June 2019 – within 24 months after contract signature.

Each of the four furnaces will have a 1,080-m³ working volume, and each is designed for an annual production of 1 million tons. The first two furnaces are in operation and Blast Furnace #3 and #4 are clearly distinguishable in the Dung Quat skyline. These furnaces will be commissioned within 2020.

After completion, the plant will add 4 Mtpy to Hoa Phat's steelmaking capacity.

This quick scale-up with Vietnam’s leading steel producer demonstrates the competitiveness of Danieli Corus blast furnace technology in mature as well as emerging steel industries.

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