The new, Danieli Centro Combustion hydrogen multi-air burner operates with a methane and hydrogen mixture to reduce CO2 emissions.

Through recent decades CO2 emissions have been reduced by increasing thermal efficiency.
Nowadays, the use of hydrogen in combustion processes could bring the steel industry towards full decarbonization.
CFD simulations and laboratory tests led the Danieli Centro Combustion R&D team to the development of HYDRO MAB – a new hydrogen multi-air burner - as the answer for burning a natural gas/hydrogen mixture that results in further CO2 reduction.

In addition to CO2 reduction, HYDRO MAB burners maintain the lowest levels of NOx emissions and the optimal flame pattern.

2 thoughts on “Danieli Hydro Mab to take a step ahead in green Steel”

  1. Monday, 04 January 2021 09:40

    Danieli have to explain, how they procure Hydrogen for their burners.

    1. Friday, 29 January 2021 10:28

      I asked Danieli to explain, but they didn't got back to me so far...

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