Danieli Scrap to Melt – DSTM is the Danieli answer to reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions by processing and controlling the scrap before the direct loading into the EAF.

The innovative and patented DSTM technology, developed by Danieli Centro Recycling, is the result of combining and integrating three processes of scrap treatment: densification, cleaning and chemical control. The combination of these processes makes it possible to separate the processed scrap into batches, based on the meltshop chemical composition requirements.

In the first step, densification, incoming scrap is processed using shears and/or shredders to achieve the proper charge density prior to melting. The solution designed for the ABS meltshop foresees installation of a new, Danieli Inclined Shear to provide high production rates and the capability to cut special steel returns.

Next, the sheared material is cleaned, and inert elements are removed by in-line vibrating conveyor. Non-ferrous contents are separated from the charge material by the action of a drum magnet.

In the final step, to control the furnace charge chemistry the Danieli Analyzer detects the chemical concentration of the alloys like Cu, Ni, Cr, or Mn, and integrates the feedback to categorize the scrap by its chemical concentration, thereby improving melting efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

The production cycle is automatic and continuous, and no operator control is required after charging of the scrap, ensuring high performances and reliability.

The Danieli Scrap to Melt – DSTM system is a new milestone in green circular economics.

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