• Will provide maintenance service to HBIS Wusteel for three plate steel casters
  • Duration of initial term is ten years
  • Services will increase equipment lifetime and improve product quality

In March and April, HBIS Wusteel (Wusteel) has placed orders with Primetals Tangshan Technology Services Ltd. (PTTS) to supply maintenance services for three continuous casters in the steel plants No. 1 and No 2 in Wuyang, Henan Province, China. The casters produce plate steel, having production capacities between one million and three million metric tons of steel per year. The aims are to increase equipment lifetime and improve product quality. To this end, PTTS dispatches technical experts, skilled workers and delivers inspection and testing tools to Wusteel. The duration of the initial term of the maintenance contracts is ten years.

Wusteel is part of the HBIS Group Co., Ltd, one the largest steel producers in the world. It is focused on high quality and special steel products, and an important heavy plate production site.

PTTS, established in September 2017, is a joint venture between Primetals Technologies and HBIS Tangsteel. The joint venture is headquartered in Tangshan and operates in several locations in China. PTTS provides comprehensive technology-based services in off-line maintenance, equipment refurbishment, condition monitoring, as well as operational support for slab casters of Tangsteel and other customers. The company with its approximately 500 employees uses proprietary Primetals Technologies maintenance technologies and know how, with the purpose of further improving operational efficiency and product quality.

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