• Old LD converter in Dunkirk, France, to be replaced. The second new converter to be held on stock at site for later installation
  • Optimized vessel shape for process-related improvements and higher productivity
  • Experience in project execution decisive for ArcelorMittal when choosing Primetals Technologies as supplier

ArcelorMittal recently placed an order with Primetals Technologies for two new LD converters (BOFs) at its steel plant in Dunkirk, located in the northern part of France. Primetals Technologies will replace one of the existing LD converters, which has reached the end of its lifetime. The other new LD converter will be held on stock in Dunkirk for later installation.

Recent experiences from other projects contributed to ArcelorMittal’s decision to contract Primetals Technologies. In 2021, Primetals Technologies supplied a LD converter to ArcelorMittal’s site in Gent, Belgium; concept and project execution will be similar in Dunkirk. In addition, Primetals Technologies recently installed Vaicon Stoppers, a solution for keeping slag in the converter during tapping, in all three existing LD converters in Dunkirk. These systems will be reused with the new converter.

Among the world’s largest

With a heat size of 300 tons, the LD converters that will be delivered to Dunkirk are among the world’s largest. They will be equipped with Vaicon Link, Primetals Technologies reliable and maintenance free suspension system. While this system keeps the vessel stable in all directions, it still allows for thermal expansion and thus ensures ideal conditions during the whole steelmaking process.

ArcelorMittal Dunkirk is part of ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. The plant produces high quality flat products to serve various markets including the automotive and packaging industries. The start-up for ArcelorMittal’s first new LD converter is scheduled for December 2023. Primetals Technologies will replace the whole converter system including bearing pedestals, bearings, trunnion ring, suspension, vessel, tilting drive, doghouse, as well as air and water-cooling system.

Innovative technology

Thanks to the optimized vessel shape, the new converter will perform better than the old one. It is also delivered with a condition monitoring system – an automation system that checks vessel temperature, and the condition of the bearings, and contributes to making sure that the operation runs as smoothly as possible.

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