JSW Steel has ordered from Danieli two complete straightening lines for the conditioning of rolled steel bars for Salem Works, India.

The new installation will consist of two fully automated, high-productivity straightening lines capable of conditioning a wide range of diameters, reaching straightening speeds up to 120 m/min.
The high-efficiency Danieli solutions featuring advanced automation equipment and process control integrated into a user-friendly interface will allow JSW Salem to benefit from savings up to 15% in energy consumption and full-line setup times.

The new design of the straightening rollers and the wide, variable working-angle cover a large field of bar diameters and material yield tensile characteristics to be treated, in terms of size and straightening tolerances. A precise head and tail bar straightness is also guaranteed.

A hydraulic protection system and adjustable straightening force on the lower roller prevents cracks on the rolls due to overloads generated by operator machine settings, or due to highly ovalized and off-shape incoming hot-rolled, forged or extruded bars.
A mechanical action will be carried out on the whole circumference of bars to obtain excellent straightening, up to 0.5 mm/m for as-rolled steel (up to 0.1 mm/m for bright steel).
Since 1970 Danieli has supplied more than 140 straightening and reeling lines for ferrous and nonferrous materials.

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