SMS group company Paul Wurth has been selected to supply the world's first commercial 100 percent hydrogen Direct Reduction plant with its consortium partner Midrex to the Swedish company H2 Green Steel. The new plant, located in Boden in northern Sweden, will be the first worldwide to produce green steel at scale by replacing coal with green hydrogen.

Burkhard Dahmen, CEO of SMS group, said, "Hydrogen-reduced green steel is the future of primary steelmaking, and we are all working full speed ahead to deliver the key technologies to make this prospect a reality. We are very much looking forward to working at the forefront of clean and green metal production as part of the H2 Green Steel team. This is not only an important step for the whole project, but also an excellent opportunity to underline our mission #turningmetalsgreen."

Dr. Thomas Hansmann, Head of Metallurgy at SMS group, said, "We are thrilled to be the forerunners in the green steel revolution. Our mission is to accelerate the decarbonization of the steel industry and thanks to the H2 Green Steel vision we are marking a milestone in the roadmap towards a climate friendly production."

The time frame for this multibillion-euro project is ambitious. Steel production is scheduled to start in 2025, followed by a ramp-up phase in 2026. Initial production will be over 2.5 million tons of green steel per year.

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