It features Danieli Fata Hunter Twin-Roll Casting technology.

Chinese magnesium-alloy strip producer Youli is operating its new strip-casting line in Shandong, China.
The new plant will produce hot-rolled strip from 4 to 7 mm thick (mechanical capacity up to 10 mm) and in widths from 900 to 1425 mm.

The package selected by Youli to produce its quality magnesium-alloy strip is Danieli Fata Hunter Twin-Roll Casting technology.

In particular, the SuperCaster Plus® with 15° inclination guarantees superb geometrical and mechanical properties of the final magnesium-alloy AZ31B, a typical product for the automotive industry, which is a target product for Youli. The line is completed with pinch-roll, travelling shear and coiler.

The caster is equipped with OptiShell Plus®, sleeves for aluminium casters, that provides high casting speeds and low and predictible maintainance interval.

A Danieli Fata Hunter Optiflow® ceramic-fiber nozzle is used to deliver the molten magnesium into the nip between the caster rolls. Any area where liquid metal may potentially be exposed to the atmosphere is protected by a cover gas.

The successful startup was ensured by the Danieli Automation process control for the line, supplied along with online instrumentation and motors.

Preliminary acceptance tests have been achieved right after the startup and the line is currently in ramp-up aiming to reach the final performance certificate in the coming months.

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