• Upgrades increase the capacity of existing electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) and copper tin alloys (CuSn) rolling mill
  • Production projected to begin in 2024
  • Rated output to increase to 35 tons per hour

Primetals Technologies is partnering with Southwire Company to expand an existing Southwire Continuous Rod (SCR) system owned and operated by an Asian customer who manufactures wire, cables, and related products. Several additions to the production process will increase the SCR system’s capacity to 35 tons per hour of electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) and copper tin alloys (CuSn) wire rod.

New roughing mill

Primetals Technologies will provide engineering, manufacturing, and commissioning services to support the equipment upgrades. The new capacity is tentatively scheduled to come online in the fall of 2024. The updated SCR mill will produce coils of mainly 8-millimeter diameter rod using a trapezoidal cast bar sized 6,000-square millimeter. The contract includes a new roughing mill with two 457-millimeter roughing mill stands, a lubrication oil system, updated drive assemblies for existing mill stands and shears, as well as modifications to the existing entry shear and the rod cooling and cleaning system.

A wide-ranging portfolio

A leading wire and cable producer in North America, Southwire Company manufactures building wire and cable, metal-clad cable, portable and electronic cord products, OEM wire products, and engineered products. Nearly half of all the new-build houses in the U.S.A. contain wire from Southwire. In addition, more than 50 percent of the copper rod produced globally is generated using the SCR process. Based in Carrollton, Georgia, Southwire Company developed the SCR process in 1963. It has partnered with Primetals Technologies to implement new and updated systems for decades.
SCR is a registered trademark of Southwire Company.

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