ROGESA Roheisengesellschaft Saar mbH and Zentralkokerei Saar GmbH (ZKS), both joint subsidiaries of DILLINGER and Saarstahl, have selected two more business partners in addition to Canada’s IOC Iron Ore Company for Top Supplier honors in 2021 : the Dutch transhipment port OVET in the “Seafreight and Transshipment” category, and the mining group BHP Billion in the “Solid fuels” category.

ROGESA and ZKS introduced a supplier management system in 2019 as part of their sustainability strategy. Since then, suppliers, who meet certain conditions, have been awarded the Top Supplier designation, based on defined sustainability and quality criteria. These include product quality, adherence to quantities and deadlines, flexibility, sustainability, occupational safety, and social responsibility.

The new award winners both completely fulfilled these requirements. OVET also offers a special service with the mixing of Dup-Dri. Dup-Dri designates an iron source as a by-product from the production of direct reduced iron (DRI).

Representatives of ROGESA/ZKS Procurement presented the award to Ilona van Drogelen (OVET Commercial Department), who expressed her thanks for the award during OVET’s 65th anniversary celebration. “ROGESA is an important customer for us, and we aim to continue developing this partnership in the future,” she noted in her speech.

The BHP team also expressed thanks for the Top Supplier award as well as for the support provided in the past few years, which had been challenging due to the coronavirus. BHP Billion, which was also among the 2020 award winners, is also eager to “strengthen the long-standing partnership and explore new opportunities for collaboration.”

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