Ferrari is set to complete its new headquarters this month – a next-generation office, which will feature 1,200 tonnes of ArcelorMittal steel.

Scuderia Ferrari – the motorsport division of the famous Italian sports car manufacturer – is constructing a new home for its F1 management, engineering and administrative departments in Maranello, Italy, with the aid of 1,000 tonnes of heavy “H” profiles supplied by ArcelorMittal Europe—Long Products, and an additional 200 tonnes of cellular beams from ArcelorMittal’s production and finishing operations in Luxembourg.

The new corporate headquarters will span 21,000 square meters and will feature two floors of F1 workshops and laboratories, while a third level will house technical staff, a showroom and other offices.

The 200 tonnes of ACB® cellular beams were supplied by ArcelorMittal’s beam finishing subsidiary, Eurostructures, and were produced at ArcelorMittal Differdange, Luxembourg, using a patented method from ArcelorMittal’s research and development team.

The patented process uses hot-rolled sections and specialised software to produce light and cost-effective beams, which offer lean, robust and safe structures.

The 1,000 tonnes of ArcelorMittal “H” profiles were supplied to customer Gruppo Manni.

Speaking of the partnership, Mauro Sommavilla, a structural engineer at ArcelorMittal, said: “We are proud to have contributed to this exceptional project. We have been working with Gruppo Manni since 2000.

“They are very satisfied with our heavy-range products and with the technical consulting we provided during the entire delivery phase”.

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